Scholarship FAQs

Q: How can I obtain a scholarship application?

A: Visit our time sensitive web portal in early December to access the online scholarship application portal.  On the home page you will need to create account by clicking on the Sign-Up button.  Once you have signed up, you can access the portal and begin your application.  Applications are only available through the online portal. Paper applications are neither available nor accepted.

Q: Do I need to be a member of Digital Federal Credit Union to submit an application?

A: No, you do not have to be a DCU member to submit an application or receive an award. The DCU Annual Memorial Scholarship is a national scholarship program that is available to any graduating high school senior with plans to attend a state or nationally accredited two or four-year college or university in the Fall of the award year.

Please Note: All DCU employees, volunteers, subsidiaries, affiliates, and their immediate family members are ineligible.

Q: I passed the GED (General Educational Development) exam, am I eligible to apply for the DCU Memorial Scholarship?

A: Individuals that have passed the GED exam are not eligible to apply. Applicants must be a graduating high school senior and be able to provide an official or unofficial transcript of high school grades for their senior year (to date) and junior year (full year).

Q: Can my scholarship award be deferred to a later date should I choose to take a gap year?

A: No. The scholarship funds awarded in May must be applied in the Fall of the award year. Award funds cannot be deferred. Checks need to be deposited into the students’ account by the institution no later than early October. If the student has questions, concerns, or considerations that align with potentially taking a Gap Year, please contact DCU for Kids for further clarification prior to applying.

Q: What is the application deadline?

A: All applications and supporting materials must be received before the 3pm (EST) early March deadline for consideration. Any materials received after the deadline will NOT be submitted to the judges, regardless of circumstance. Please plan the completion and submission of your application accordingly.

Q: Can I send a letter of recommendation from my guidance counselor?

A: Yes. Two letters of recommendation in pdf format must be submitted on your behalf.  These letters may come from your junior or senior year teachers, and/or your guidance counselor.  Letters from other sources will not be accepted and will disqualify your application.

  • Within the online scholarship application portal, you will submit the names and email addresses of the (2) individuals that are writing a recommendation on your behalf. You may also add a note to your email request.
  • An email will be generated from the system and sent to both individuals with a unique link to upload their letter of recommendation in the required pdf format.
  • Applicants can monitor within the application the status of the requests made. A reminder email can be generated should you not see the letter of recommendation in a timely manner.

Tip -- It may take some time for your teacher and/or guidance counselor to write the letter. Please plan the completion of this step accordingly. Materials received after the deadline will not be used in the judging process. Letters of Recommendation will not be accepted via email. All recommendations and transcripts must be received in the portal before the 3pm (EST) deadline in early March in order for you to ‘Submit’ your application to be considered for review. An application missing this required proper documentation will disqualify your application. Please see Part 1. of the 2022 Official Rules for details of required documentation.

Q: I submitted a scholarship application, when will I be notified if I am an award recipient?

A: Scholarship winners will be notified in late April/early May by email. Winners are required to complete an award confirmation form in the portal. Instructions to do so are emailed to the winners. All confirmations are due immediately upon receipt. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming number of applications received, we are unable to notify all applicants of their status.  Please check the following web page for a list of winners in mid May.

Q: The college I hope to attend this coming Fall is outside of the United States, can I still use the scholarship funds toward my tuition if I am selected?

A: If you are selected as a winner of one of the scholarship awards, you would need to be enrolled and attend a state or nationally-accredited two or four-year college or university within the United States in order to receive the tuition award.

Q: If I am awarded a scholarship, when will I receive the check?

A: Shortly after the scholarship winners are announced, the award check will be mailed via Federal Express to the student. The student must to endorse and forward check to the school’s Financial Aid/Bursar’s office for endorsement to which that student will be attending in the 2022/2023 academic year.  The check will then be posted to the students account.

All scholarship checks must be deposited into the student’s account no later than October 3, 2022. Should you not be able to comply with this date, please contact DCU for Kids via email at [email protected] to explain your circumstance. 

Note: The award check is a dual signatory check where both the student and the school need to endorse it for deposit. Funds CANNOT be deposited into a personal checking/savings account. Funds must be deposited into the student’s account at the school named in the confirmation of award that you will be matriculating in the 2022/2023 academic year.

Q: May I cash the check or deposit it into my personal bank account?

A: No. The check will be made payable to the student and the college/university of which you will be matriculating in the Fall of the award year. You will then need to endorse the check and forward to the Bursar’s office to be applied directly toward your tuition fees. You will not be able to cash the check or deposit it into your own personal bank account as this is a dual signatory check. DCU for Kids will not provide a check for the scholarship recipient in their name only – no exceptions.

Q: I already paid my tuition in full for the fall semester; can I use the scholarship award toward the cost of my rent, schoolbooks, etc.?

A: If you have already paid your fall tuition costs, the check must still be provided to the Bursar’s Office to be applied toward your spring tuition. If both semesters have been paid, the deposit can typically be made to your tuition account, and your school may be able to issue you a reimbursement check in your name. Please consult your Admissions Officer or Bursar's Office for assistance. DCU for Kids will not provide a check for the scholarship recipient in their name only – no exceptions.

Q: I won a scholarship award, but my secondary education plans have changed. What happens now?

A: In the event that you need to delay your school enrollment the college or university may keep the award check in your school account to be applied towards your tuition once you enroll. Note: the award check cannot be cashed by you nor be kept in a personal account.

Should you choose not to enroll with the original college/university that you confirmed with us and choose to attend another school before your freshman year begins DCU for Kids will cut a new check for the new school. The original check will become void.

If you decide to completely withdraw your intention to attend any higher education institution as originally stated for whatever reason the award will then be considered forfeited.

If any of the above circumstances occur please contact DCU for Kids at [email protected] to let us know about your plans.

Q: How can I check to see if my transcript was uploaded?

A: You are responsible for providing an official or unofficial transcript of high school grades for your senior year (to date) and junior year (full year). Upload your transcripts as one file in pdf format through the portal in the designated space provided. You will be able to see the attachment on your application page.

Note: There is no secondary log-in for school administrators to submit documentation on your behalf. NO emailed transcripts will be accepted. All supporting materials (recommendations and transcript) must be uploaded to the portal site before the 3pm (EST) early March deadline for consideration. Documentation missing will prohibit you from submitting your application.

Q: Can I edit my scholarship application after it has been submitted?

A: No. Submitted scholarship applications become official, and therefore cannot be edited. Please carefully review your application before submitting.

Tip -- Consider saving your application in draft form and returning to edit, review, and submit before the 3pm (EST) early March deadline. Also, request your recommendations early to eliminate undue time constraints with submitting your application in a timely manner.