Cash Raffle


Q: What do I win if my ticket number is chosen?
A: There will be one winner for each cash raffle. That winner will receive $20,000 (minus taxes).
Q: When will a winner be selected for a DCU for Kids cash raffle?
A: The winner selection process may take up to 90 days after 3,000 tickets for a raffle have been sold. A new cash raffle may begin before the winner of a previous cash raffle has been selected.
Q: How will I know if a winner has been selected?
A: Winners are listed on the DCU for Kids and DCU websites once the winner has accepted the prize. Also, a winner notification will be sent to the members that opted to receive it. You may opt in to receive a winner notification when you are purchasing a raffle ticket. It may take up to 90 days after 3,000 tickets have been sold for a winner to be chosen.
Q: Who chooses the winner of a DCU for Kids cash raffle?
A: An independent, third party, auditor will randomly select the winner. Digital Federal Credit Union employees are not eligible to be a part of the selection process.
Q: What do the proceeds of the DCU for Kids cash raffle benefit?
A: Proceeds from the DCU for Kids raffle benefit children in need who may be facing challenges such as poverty, illness, or developmental impairments. Nonprofit organizations that serve children and families receive grants through DCU for Kids for support services, enrichment and education programs, scholarships, and medical research. Your ticket purchase supports this mission. Thank you!
Q: Is my cash raffle ticket purchase tax deductible?
A: Raffle ticket purchases are not tax deductible per state regulations. If you’d like to make a tax deductible donation to DCU for Kids, please visit our website for more information.
Q: Can I purchase more than one ticket?
A: Yes, you may purchase more than one ticket. There is no limit. The average ticket purchase is between 1 and 5.
Q: How do I purchase a ticket for the DCU for Kids cash raffle?

A: You may purchase a DCU for Kids cash raffle ticket if you receive an inbox notification within Digital Banking. You may access tickets the following ways:

  1. Click on Membership in the menu bar.
  2. Scroll through the Resources section and select Raffle.
Q: Who is eligible to purchase a DCU for Kids cash raffle ticket and receive the prize?

A:  Only Digital Federal Credit Union members who are at least 18 years old and who maintain their membership in good standing with DCU are eligible, with the following exceptions:

  • Present employees, volunteers, and affiliates of Digital Federal Credit Union and the independent, third party, auditor conducting the drawing, and relatives of employees whether through blood, marriage, or adoption, are ineligible to enter.
  • Members residing in the following states are ineligible to enter due to individual state laws and regulations: Alabama, California, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Montana, Louisiana, South Dakota, Utah and Washington.
Q: How many cash raffles does DCU for Kids host per year?

A:  Generally, two cash raffles are hosted per month, along with four additional quarterly cash raffles which are are also hosted throughout the course of the year.

Q: How do I know if a cash raffle has tickets available?

A: Eligible Digital Federal Credit Union members will receive an inbox notification within their Digital Banking Messages. Please note, cash raffles historically sell out in as little as 4 hours.

Q: Can I purchase a cash raffle ticket with a check, or over the phone?

A: No.  A ticket purchase must be linked to your DCU membership, and therefore must be purchased electronically through your Digital Banking inbox notification.  Digital Federal Credit Union employees are unable to purchase a ticket on the member’s behalf.

Q: Where is my ticket purchase confirmation?

A: A history of cash raffle ticket purchases can be found within your Digital Banking, by clicking Membership and scrolling through the Resource section and selecting Raffle. An email notification will not be sent.

Q: Who can I call if I have additional questions about the DCU for Kids Cash Raffle?

A:  You may call the Digital Federal Credit Union’s information center at 1-800-328-8797.