Cash Raffle

Enter to win $20,000!

DCU members can enter to win our bi-monthly cash raffle. Proceeds from the raffle will benefit children's charities.

Here's how it works:

Eligible DCU Members will be notified of our latest cash raffle through Inbox Message. 3,000 tickets will be sold at $20 each. There are no limits to how many tickets you can purchase. Tickets can be purchased through Account Manager in Online Banking and our Mobile Banking App.

Have more questions? Read Cash Raffle FAQs

2017 Winners

Thank you for your continued support to our raffle programs. Your contribution is making a difference in the lives of children and families throughout our community.

Congratulations to our winners!

Keep Cool with $20K! – Shelly Rich, Fisherville, KY

April Showers Bring $20K Cash Raffle – Bensalil Chacko, Newark, DE

Spring Ahead and Win $20K Cash Raffle – Bruce Wilson, Blackstone, MA

Green is Gold $20K Cash Raffle – Satya Gopal, Plano, TX

Warm Up and Win $20K Cash Raffle – Edwin Kimari, Kennesaw, GA

Love is Winning $20 Grand Cash Raffle – Aravind Jayanti, Fairfax, VA

Are you Feeling Lucky $20K Cash Raffle – Warren Miner, Amherst, NH

Snowed in with $20K Cash Raffle – Kelly Baker, Townsend, MA

Ski Your Way to $20K Cash Raffle – Matthew Lesbirel, Hudson, MA

Ring in the New Year with $20K Cash Raffle – Laura Manning, Billerica, MA

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To view a history of past purchases and unique raffle ticket numbers, choose "DCU for Kids Raffles" in Account Manager. For a full list of winners, contact us.